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As a way to express our views and passion for youth sports, the following text message was sent to many athletes with a connection to Peterborough.


We are thrilled by the response we received from athletes in Peterborough representing a diverse range of sports. It's remarkable to see the talent that has come out of our city. Our goal with this initiative is to shine a spotlight on Peterborough and its vibrant sports community. While this is an on-going project, we kindly invite you to join us in spreading our message when it is complete. The post will include a direct link for voluntary donations to Sick Kids and Five Counties Peterborough, two organizations close to our hearts. In the meantime, stay tuned as we plan to share the list of local athletes and continually add to it. Together, we can make a positive impact and support our community's aspiring athletes.


What is the goal?

Our logo represents a reminder to treat each other with respect, regardless of the outcome in sports. We encourage our supporters to wear it to help create a positive shift and support our community partners.


The logo serves as a visual cue to address behaviors that hinder the growth of sport. We aim to create a positive sporting environment.


Donations from our P.L.A.Y. hats will be allocated to Sick Kids and Five Counties Peterborough.


Our focus is to foster teamwork, prioritize enjoyment, and cultivate camaraderie among youth athletes in sports. We strongly emphasize the significance of developing fundamental movements and athleticism through engaging in multi-sport activities.

How will we achieve our goal?

Through our camps, pop-ups, and school workshops, youth athletes will be taught the importance of positivity and team work and we aim to welcome as many newcomers to sport as we can.


We will spread our message to athletes, coaches, and most importantly parents with the help of local organizations and sponsors.


We will encourage our supporters to spread our message, and join us in fostering a more positive sports environment.


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