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P.L.A.Y. Sports stands as a heartfelt tribute to my late mother, born out of a promise made to her during her final days. Her desire to make all children feel welcome and have a lasting impact was the inspiration and driving motivation to bring that vision to life through P.L.A.Y. Sports. We strongly believe that all kids should have the opportunity to explore sports. We understand the financial burden of committing to a full season of a single sport, which is why we invite everyone to join our multi-sport camps and pop-ups. Our primary objective is to foster a fun environment while providing basic instruction. We aim to assist our young athletes in acquiring fundamental skills, boosting their confidence, developing physical competence, and nurturing their lifelong passion for sports!


Four Pillars

S  P  O  R  T  S

|    |    |    |

Our mission is to enrich lifelong and diverse engagement in sports by eradicating barriers and promoting positivity. We aim to restore focus on personal growth and relationships, giving priority to the aspects of enjoyment and fostering participation in multi-sport activities.



We aspire for our logo to ignite a positive transformation in youth sports by serving as a visual reminder that sports should be fun. When you encounter it, please recall that there is no room for verbal abuse directed at players, referees, coaches, or fellow spectators. Such behavior has a detrimental impact on the world of sports. When you spot our logo on your child's hat after a game, we hope it reminds you to provide support and encouragement. 

Let's join forces in spreading this message and embracing the true essence of sports—fun!

Our logo's lightning bolts symbolize our energy


They are a nod to the Electric City


The letter 'S' unifying the bolts represents SPORT


SPORT unites Peterborough County

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